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What to look for when you want a travel and expense management solution.  

It's not about the money (ok, yes, it's about the money), but in this case it's about more than money. Any tool can track expenses and help you keep them in check, but if it's not easy (and dare we say fun) to use, no one will use it. And we all know that grocery shoppers don't want, and don't need, any more hassle in their day. The employees already have enough work and so are the travelers, who also have to wait in line most of the time.  

The tools you will offer them, then, should allow them to get the job done in a couple of clicks, and they should do more than any other process you've already tried. Everything, from the automatic compilation of expense reports to the integration of artificial intelligence, to perfect synchronization with your ERP, leading to safe and sustainable travel.  

That's a lot of work for a small app, and if you want to find the right one, check out the recommendations in this 2022 Shopping Guide .  


Start with experience. 

In the days leading up to Covid, we all wanted employees to be happy and comfortable. Obviously this is still the case, but now it is more a need than anything else. And if employees don't find easier, better and safer ways to work, they'll go to work elsewhere.  

This means that the solution chosen should eliminate as many manual and low-level tasks as possible. It should also eliminate any obstacles between them and their ability to be productivity. It should eliminate the hours it takes to track receipts and enter expenses, so that you have time to focus on moving your business forward.  

The right solution also makes it easier to reduce environmental impact, for example by directing travelers to more sustainable transportation, or by encouraging them to travel only when absolutely necessary, and must advise them on Covid restrictions before they walk out the door and keep them (and te) updated on changes in itineraries and emerging risks involved in the trip.  

Since teams can now work anywhere, your travel and expense solution needs to work anywhere. On any device. Regardless of how remote the location is.  


Make sure he can keep up with you.  

The Shopping Guide explains that the right solution is one that provides real-time visibility into employee travel and spending patterns. It is no longer enough to know what happened last month: you have to see what is happening now, so you will always be ready for what happens next.  

La soluzione giusta deve aiutarti a stare al passo con i nuovi tipi di pagamenti e a soddisfare le esigenze dei nuovi utenti in base alle variazioni di spese e aspettative, e deve evolversi con le richieste dei dipendenti a mano a mano che cambiano il lavoro e i luoghi di lavoro. E, cosa altrettanto importante, deve soddisfare le esigenze della tua azienda, dalla gestione di nuovi processi e policy di pagamento alla garanzia della sicurezza delle transazioni globali, proteggendoti anche dalle frodi.  


Chiedi e otterrai risposta.  

You want to make sure you have the right systems to protect your budgets, your employees and your business. You want to keep compliance under control while tightening cost controls. You want to be sure that you are getting what you paid for. And if you want to know where to find such a solution, just ask.  

The Purchasing Guide contains the top ten questions for suppliers . It's a great starting point to start your search, or at least to understand what you are looking for.  

Business Continuity
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Business Continuity
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Business Continuity
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